What is Cloud Mining?
What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud/remote mining means using shared process power which is operated through remote data centres. It eliminates the hassle of managing your own hardware to invest in cryptocurrency (bictoin/Litecoin) mining. Idea to launch this model came after observing mining enthusiasts who wish to mine at home but couldn’t maximize profits due to the prevalent difficulties.

Interesting thing about cloud mining is it enables people to mine cryptocurrency without any technical knowledge or pricey initial contract. It is important to know that remote mining could be of two types- hosted mining and cloud mining and both have their own pros and cons.


The benefits of mining with us

We are bringing to you the best mining services that no other competitor can beat. Have a look at important aspects that make our mining distinctively superior.


Earlier till 2014, we were (and still are) emphasizing on the mining of Bitcoinguru in a unique, effective and smarter way. Then, we shifted our way from mining in the overcrowded market of Bitcoingurus to Altcoins (alternative coins/cryptocurrency). Today, we take pride in saying we possess the most profitable portfolio of Altcoins. We mine Altcoins and exchange with Bitcoingurus, as and when required. However, we have faced huge demand in the market for Bitcoingurus and thus again switched to direct mining of Bitcoingurus. Eventually, in the year 2014 we have emerged as the world’s first multi-algorithm cloud mining service, working on a large scale.

Forget about all complications related to mining when you sign a contract with us. From the set up to maintenance of mining rig, we take care of everything to leave you completely relieved. Since, you would be mining online, there won’t be any trouble caused to your home ambiance due to spacious and loud mining rigs which need cooling recurrently. We are not done yet, the simple and convenient user interface we provide is like the icing on cake, which has got appreciation from our all clients.

We run various promotions to benefit our customers. Using them, you can get instant upgrades and there are promo codes to get percentages added to their hashpower or percentages to cut down their contract prices. If you choose to join our affiliated program, then lucrative upgrades you can get just by inviting your friends.




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